Sand Casting Process

At Badger Alloys, our sand casting process is ultra-efficient! We use an airset, no-bake process that yields high-quality castings & allows for tighter tolerances & greater flexibility in sand casting mold design.

See below for more information on how our sand casting process works!

Sand Casting Foundry Highlights the Process & Advantages of the Badger Alloys’ Sand Casting Process

At Badger Alloys, our sand casting foundry utilizes an ultra-efficient airset, no-bake molding process that results in high-quality sand castings. This sand casting process allows for closer dimensional tolerances, with design flexibility to accommodate your most intricate casting shapes.

Many different specialty sands are available for improved surface finishes that meet your requirements. All our sand is cleaned and recycled through our sand reclamation unit – delivering a more efficient, environmentally-resourceful sand casting process.

Secondary processing methods — such as pickling/passivation, polishing, and even stainless steel blast — are available. Tight control over these processes allows us to produce high quality castings with exceptional performance.

When possible, it’s best to have components finished at our on-site casting machining shop as it:

  • Shortens production time
  • Eliminates errors due to miscommunication between vendors
  • Minimizes likelihood of damage that may occur when shipping from the foundry to an outside machine shop






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