Pattern to Finished Casting at our Manufacturing Campus

Sand Castings Company – Full Service Foundry, Pattern to Finish

Whether customers need a few specialty components or a larger volume of custom castings, Badger Alloys is fully equipped to meet their demands. Our sand-casting foundry is complemented by on-site pattern-making, machining, engineering and rapid response technologies to provide the most comprehensive, collaborate casting process.

  • All custom, high-quality sand casting services
  • Expertise working with customers on casting design for improved castability
  • Secure pattern storage in clean, protected facility
  • Solidification modeling software to maximize efficiency
  • Intricate sand castings
  • Short-run capabilities
  • Engineered product
  • Heavily cored castings
  • Diverse alloys poured

Sand Casting

Equipped to meet your demands for castings from 10 – 4000+ pounds…in 200+ alloys.

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Pattern Making

Skilled pattern makers create custom wood, polyurethane or metal patterns to your specifications.

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Cutting-edge equipment and certified machinists meet your tightest tolerance requirements.

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Our team works collaboratively with customers, foundry and pattern makers to achieve your desired casting result.

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Rapid Response Technologies

Go from CAD to casting in as little as two weeks with our patternless molding, 3D-printing and other additive/subtractive processes.

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