Badger Alloys Leverages Revolutionary, New Age Technology

Revolutionary Magmasoft Software benefits casting customers with faster lead times, defect-free castings, cost savings & other unique advantages.

Find out how the technology Badger Alloys uses can benefit you!

Magmasoft – Highly Advanced Software with Huge Benefits to Casting Customers

Badger Alloys invests in advanced technologies early to ensure our casting manufacturing processes remain the most advanced and the most highly sought after.

Although still a revolutionary technology to the industry, the casting manufacturers at Badger Alloys have actually been using Magmasoft Solidification Software for years.

Magmasoft Solidification Software is specifically designed for metal casting manufacturers and foundries. The advanced software provides incredibly realistic and detailed mapping of all involved processes.

It uses filling and solidification simulations to detect potential defects when the casting is in the mold. Any identified issues can be resolved through the software, so the casting pattern can go confidently into production.

How Magmasoft Benefits our Customers

  • Faster, More Accurate Casting Prototyping
  • More Efficient Production
  • Produced to Exact Specifications
  • Defect-Free Castings
  • Reduced Lead Times
  • Overall Cost-Savings

How Magmasoft Benefits Badger Alloys

The simulation system creates robust efficiencies in our casting prototyping and production processes. These efficiencies lead to:

  • Scrap Reduction
  • Analysis of Design Alternatives
  • Reduced Cost Overruns
  • Detailed Design Optimization
  • Reduced Sample Castings & Production Runs
  • Eliminated Rework
  • Overall Cost-Savings
  • Production of the Highest Quality Castings

Magmasoft allows cast components to be fully optimized for their application and environment requirements.

When the casting process is complete, our quality engineers review the components for porosity, velocity, air entrapment and other criterion. Once the casting components have passed the Quality Assessment and Evaluation, they are packed and shipped directly to you.

Magmasoft’s powerful software further solidifies the advantageous partnership between Badger Alloys and our customers.

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