Copper Base Alloys: Global Industry Trends in Output & Casting Manufacturing

Global Industry Trends in Copper Base Alloys Output and Casting Manufacturing for 2015/2014. Click to see how the US Stacks up to Other Countries

Global Industry Trends in Copper Base Alloys Output and Casting Manufacturing for 2014/2015

In 2014, the global output of copper base alloys totaled 1,680,630, a nearly 6% decrease over the previous year. Some of the biggest year-over-year decreases came from Slovenia, Croatia and Sweden.

Although the U.S. copper base alloy output decreased by nearly 20% over the previous year, it still has the highest output in the world after China.

The industry trends were not all doom & gloom, however; some countries like Switzerland, Romania and Ukraine saw huge year-over-year increases ranging from 50% all the way past 70%. Albeit, the output from Romania and Switzerland is comparatively modest when stacked against other countries’ output.

Copper base alloys are often chosen for castings due to their corrosion resistance, biofouling resistance, machinability, castability and reasonable cost. Common applications for copper base alloy casting include blast furnace tuyeres, sleeve bearings, pumps and valves, fasteners, engine components, bushings, seal rings and more.

Sand casting accounts for approximately 75% of U.S. copper alloy foundry production because it imposes few restrictions on product shape and can be used on components that range from a few ounces to several tons. Sand casting is the most versatile casting process to date.

Below, we’ve created infographics around the top ranking countries for copper base alloys output, as well as the countries with the highest year-over-year output increases.

Top Countries of Copper Base Alloy Output

Countries with the Highest Year-Over-Year Output Increases

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