Casting Machining Equipment

Badger Alloys’ Casting Machining Capabilities

  • Specialize in machining large castings
  • Machining for castings up to 88 inches in diameter
  • Machining for castings up to 7 feet high
  • Machining for castings weighing up to 10,000 lbs.
  • Able to meet tight tolerance requirements

Machining Equipment List

Machine Type Manufacturer Capacity
CNC Lathe (2) Mori Seiki SL-65 24” diameter, 28” length
CNC Lathe Mori Seiki SL-80 36” diameter, 31” length
CNC Lathe Hyundai-Kia 300 23” diameter, 28” length
CNC Lathe Hyundai-Kia 400 26”diameter, 44” length
CNC Mill Dahlih X:60”, Y:25”, Z:24”
CNC Mill Dahlih X:80”, Y:32”, Z:32”
CNC Mill Hyundai-Kia X:70”, Y:30”, Z:30”
Engine Lathe TOS 16” diameter, 60” length
Engine Lathe TOS 29” diameter, 125” length
Engine Lathe TOS 30” diameter, 80” length
Keyseater Mitts & Merrill 2” X 24” keyway, 5000#
Keyseater Mitts & Merrill 4” X 44” keyway, 10,000#
Dynamic Balancer Schenck 70” diameter, 108” length, 6500#
EZ Balance HB 450 Balance Master, Inc. 56” diameter, 68” length, 5.5” bore, 1000#
Knee Mill Kent R8 spindle, 10” X 50” table
Radial Drill American Tool 4” spindle, 72” swing X 80” height
Radial Drill American Tool 4” spindle, 96” swing X 108” height
Vertical Turret Lathe Bullard 80” diameter, 61” height
Vertical Turret Lathe Summit 88”diameter, 102” height
Vertical Turret Lathe (2) Bullard 48” diameter, 37.5” height
Vertical Turret Lathe Bullard 57” diameter, 45” height
Horizontal Boring Bar Summit 4″ spindle, 48” X 60” rotary table
Horizontal CNC Mill Hyundai-Kai 44.1” diameter X 34.6” height
CNC Vertical Turning Center Yama Seiki 70” diameter, 51” length,  with live tooling

Material Handling/Inspection Equipment

Machine Type Manufacturer Capacity
Overhead Cranes (4) P&H 5 tons
Forklifts Various 9000#
CMM Faro 8’ diameter
Surface Plates Various 5’ X 10’
Inside Micrometers Various 78”
Outside Micrometers Various 60”
Pie Tapes Various 84”
Height Gauge Various 24”

Certifications & Awards

Badger Alloys’ commitment to quality has been recognized by a number of international and local organizations in a variety of industries.  More importantly, our customers and vendors appreciate our commitment to excellence. 

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Customer Commitment

With an average customer relationship of 27 years, it is clear that Badger Alloys has a consistent focus on customer service and communication. We work hard to meet your demands for state-of-the-art custom castings.

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Environmental Sustainability

By nature, our industry has substantial environmental challenges, and foundry owners must be conscious of the waste and pollution our plants may create.

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Family-Friendly Workplace

As a family-owned business, we see each and every employee as part of the Badger Alloys family.  We invite you to learn more about building a career as part of the Badger Alloys team.

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Mission Statement

Badger Alloys offers the highest quality castings, service and support. We strive to create and maintain a partnership with each and every customer.

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Workforce Development

Milwaukee manufacturers understand that skilled workers are becoming more and more difficult to find.  As a company, Badger Alloys is actively involved with Milwaukee Public Schools

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Community Involvement

Badger Alloys feels strongly about supporting and advancing our community’s children – our future workforce.  As such, many of our contributions — and much of our volunteer time.

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As a Badger Alloys customer, you will have aggressive delivery requirements met for your custom castings. You will receive exceptional customer service and expert advice on your project from our highly trained, technical staff.

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