Your Emergency Casting Supplier

If you are in need of an emergency or secondary casting supplier, Badger Alloys has experience in making any transition – whether temporary or permanent – as seamless as possible.

There are a number of reasons Badger Alloys offers a unique solution for your casting needs.

Good accessibility to a variety of alloys

Our network of alloy suppliers, developed over the past 60+ years, is strong. We are able to pour more than 200 different alloys in our sand casting foundry. Alloys readily available for your project include:

• High Alloy/Stainless Steel Alloys

• Copper-base & Non-Ferrous Alloys

• Carbon/Low Alloy Steels

• Nickel-base Alloys 

• Wear-resistant Alloys

This depth of available materials allows customers flexibility to house multiple projects with us, minimizing the need to move casting patterns and thus increasing job efficiency.  View our Alloy Search Tool for more information and material specifications.

Ability to cast without a pattern

If you are temporarily unable to retrieve casting patterns, or if your patterns have been damaged or are unusable for any reason, we have several options for you. Our six-axis robot and other modern casting tools give us the ability to produce parts without patterns.

Our large format mold-milling robot allows us to mill single use molds up to a size of 8 feet by 8 feet. Customers often find patternless, robotically milled molds to be a lower cost, more efficient, highly precise alternative to traditional tooling methods.

Cutting-edge casting tools drive expedited turnaround

Our rapid response technologies can be used to scan your complex worn patterns or parts to create models that allow us to make new hard tooling, 3D-printed sand molds and cores, robotically milled molds or 3D-printed pattern equipment. These technologies allow us to analyze, test and manipulate casting feed systems digitally to increase the success rate of first-run castings and can potentially decrease the lead time and overall cost.

On-site pattern facility

Some castings, such as higher-volume castings that require multiple reorders over time, are better suited for traditional wood or urethane patterns. If your original tooling is accessible, our patternmakers can assess, repair, or rebuild if necessary to get you the castings you need.

Our dedicated pattern facility is located directly on our manufacturing campus in Milwaukee, allowing for strong collaboration between patternmakers, engineers, and foundrymen. This facilitates a seamless, efficient casting process.

Badger Alloys is here to help

Badger Alloys can help you diversify your supply chain, serve as your emergency casting provider, or help produce your critical parts without a pattern.

Please contact us for more information.