White paper: Benefits of Using Highly Exothermic Blind Risers

By Reid Petges, Foundry Engineer, Badger Alloys, Inc.

As a leader in the steel foundry industry, Badger Alloys was recently invited to share its expertise on highly exothermic risers at the SFSA T&O Conference. Reid Petges, Foundry Engineer with Badger Alloys, delivered an insightful presentation on this topic and authored a white paper. To download and read the free white paper, click below.

The white paper provides valuable information on highly exothermic risers and their role in the steel
foundry process. It covers important considerations for casting customers who are looking to improve
their casting quality and reduce costs. The white paper highlights the benefits of using highly exothermic
risers and how to optimize their performance. It is a must-read for anyone looking to improve their
understanding of this critical process.

At Badger Alloys, we understand the importance of collaboration and knowledge-sharing in the industry.
Our dedication to sharing our knowledge and expertise highlights our commitment to staying at the
forefront of the steel foundry industry. For more information, please contact Reid Petges at reidp@badgeralloys.com.