Sand Casting Machining: What Kind of Parts are Good Candidates

When it comes to sand casting machining, good part candidates will include ones that have tolerances for dimension and size that are too tight for the sand casting process itself.

See below to learn more about which parts are good candidates for casting machining services.

Machining for Precision Sand Casting: When Higher Precision & Narrower Dimensional Tolerances are Required

When it comes to sand casting machining, good part candidates will include ones that have tolerances for dimension and size that are too tight for the sand casting process itself.

Machining for precision sand casting is also used when a particular surface finish is required, which is particularly critical in applications when the part must create a seal with another component.

While there are many industries and many castings that will require sand casting machining, below are some of the most common candidates we come across:

  • Engine blocks
  • Cylinder heads
  • Turbine housing
  • Auxiliary engine components
  • Driveplates
  • Industrial stub shaft driveplates
  • Front mounted damper pulleys
  • Automotive transmission adapters
  • SAE housings
  • SAE housing adapters
  • SAE housing spacers
  • Housings for electronics
  • Driveline adapters
  • Control valves for hydraulic parts

Badger Alloys’ Arsenal of Capabilities

When it comes to machining for precision sand casting, we invest in the most innovative equipment – from Magmasoft to advanced robotics, but we also have an army of the tried-and-true equipment that continues to meet the toughest requirements.

Badger Alloys’ arsenal of capabilities means we can meet your toughest requirements. It also means that since we have every capability on-site, your part doesn’t need to travel the world to get what it needs to succeed….and THAT all saves you time & money!

From sand foundry to casting pattern design to machine shop, we have you covered every step of the way.

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