Mitigate your risk of supply chain disruptions

Coronavirus threatens manufacturers’ ability to get the parts they need for production. Experts report that the peak impact of Covid-19 on global supply chains will reach North America in mid-March. Learn how to mitigate your risk of slowed production or shutdown now.

Manufacturers with off-shore suppliers have adapted to new tariffs, but Coronavirus now threatens their ability to get the parts they need for production. In a recent issue of Harvard Business Review, experts reported that the peak of the impact of Covid-19 on global supply chains is eminent. In fact, they predict that by mid-March thousands of companies — primarily those heavily dependent on companies in China for parts and materials — will be forced to suspend operations. Read the full report here.

Companies can mitigate their risk of slowed production or shutdown by developing a diverse network of pre-qualified suppliers closer to home. When off-shore suppliers are not able to meet demand, this network of North American suppliers can protect your supply chain and your production.

Badger Alloys has multiple solutions for manufacturers who seek North American supply partners for castings.

Our KUKA Quantec six-axis robot is ideal for short-run parts that require quick turn-around. Using the robot, we are able to provide a lower cost, more efficient, highly precise alternative to traditional tooling methods. Our 3D-printed molds are also ideal for this type of project.

Higher-volume castings that require multiple reorders over time are better suited for our process that uses traditional wood or urethane patterns. Our experienced and skilled pattern makers can hand-craft a new pattern or re-engineer an existing pattern. Our foundrymen may be able to pour castings using original tooling if it is available. Download our free whitepaper on “Which tooling method makes sense for your sand casting?”.

While it can be most efficient and cost effective to rely on one supplier for a given part, developing a network of suppliers will protect you from unforeseen emergencies like the one manufacturers now face with off-shore suppliers. While the experts band together to manage Coronavirus, manufacturers must collaborate to keep production going. Badger Alloys is willing to manage a smaller percentage of your casting spend to help you diversify your supply chain.