Badger Alloys Expands Team

Badger Alloys is pleased to announce the addition of three new employees: Reid Petges, foundry engineer; Anthony Triplett, mold line and core room supervisor; and Ricardo Vallejo, engineering technician.

Badger Alloys Expands Team

MILWAUKEE, WIS — Badger Alloys, Inc., a full-service castings manufacturer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is pleased to announce the addition of three new employees.

As foundry engineer, Reid Petges is responsible for designing the risering and gating systems for new and complex castings to ensure their quality. He has 10 years of foundry experience and holds an associate’s degree in mechanical design from Milwaukee Area Technical College.

Anthony Triplett has joined the company as supervisor of the Mold Line and Core Room.  Triplett brings to the team more than 25 years’ manufacturing experience.

Ricardo Vallejo has been brought on board as an engineering technician. In that role, he oversees Badger Alloys’ six-axis robot, including prototyping and patternless molding projects. He also works with the company’s Magma solidification modeling software for casting optimization.

Located in the heart of Milwaukee and founded in 1966, Badger Alloys offers single-source capabilities for custom castings.  The company pours more than 200 different alloys and includes a sand foundry, pattern shop and machine shop to offer customers fully integrated services.   

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