3D Scanning Can be a Solution for Worn/Obsolete Equipment or Parts

If your worn part needs to be replaced and is obsolete, and/or the pattern equipment is beyond its useful life or otherwise unavailable, you need to find a quick solution to maintain or resume production. New technologies have made reverse engineering an affordable option for refurbishing legacy parts in a relatively short amount of time, even when drawings or models are not available.

Utilizing modern scanning technology coupled with advanced modeling software, Badger Alloys can re-create your castings in a digital space. This allows us to fine tune your design prior to casting, decreasing time-to-market and increasing casting quality and performance.

We start by using our FARO arm laser scanner to generate a point cloud – or dataset – from your existing tooling equipment or casting. Once we have a point cloud collected, we create a mesh model and adjust any surface defects that may have been revealed during scanning. The surface mesh then becomes the template to create the fully featured 3D model, which we use to run solidification simulations on your part and determine how to create the highest quality casting the first time through. This 3D model becomes the cornerstone for your casting project, allowing our sales and engineering staff to work with you to determine the best tooling fit and materials for your project.

Replacing a damaged or worn part through reverse engineering can be an opportunity to improve overall part performance through upgrades in materials and design. To speak with a member of our engineering team about your reverse engineering needs, please contact Steve Cooke, Vice President of Sales, at stevec@badgeralloys.com or 414/607-8916.